Turquoise Stone & Hand Engraved Cooper Samovar (5 items)


Turquoise Stone & Hand Engraved Cooper Samovar (5 items) represent excellent pattern of engraving along which the circumference lines of the plan are carved placing new soft metals in their groves. This set has a furnace color and can be washed and does not change color. The engraving design on it is done by hand and has a high durability. This set can be used as a decorative set. This set consists of 5 pieces. This samovar is all handmade. A unique product that Isfahan artists have designed and implemented in all its elegance and have given it a beautiful look.

Turquoise Stone & Hand Engraved Cooper Samovar (5 items) will be an eastern art in your house or a permanent gift for your friends! This is the best choice you may consider as a decoration or a part of your party dishes. It is a combination of Hand Engraving on cooper and Turquoise (Firoozeh Koobi) so you have both arts in one. Persian Turquoise Koobi is one of the newest arts that the use of turquoise and the art of picking these precious stones and polishing them.

Try it and get the eye catching art!

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