Koliyat-E Shams-E Tabrizi (Complete Work) (Persian)


Koliyat-E Shams-E Tabrizi (Complete Work) (Persian) is one of the books that all poetry lovers should have this book.

The importance of Koliyat-E Shams-E Tabrizi (Complete Work) in the history of Persian literature has led to generation of varied copies of this great work. Nonetheless, contrary to Mathnavi, due to various reasons, a verified text or comprehensive commentary on Dī vā n-e Shams is still non-existent. There are still ghazals (odes) by Rumi which could not be found in the print manuscripts; whereas a good number of ghazals in Koliyat have not been composed by him without a shadow of a doubt. The explanations made by the correctors of Dī vā n-e Shams regarding selection of their manuscripts reveal that jungs (literary miscellanies) have not been the focus of their attention, despite the fact that numerous ghazals in these literary miscellanies are attributed to Rumi or Shams-e Tabrizi.

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