Minakari Drinking Service Set, Monarchy Design (7 PCs)


By Minakari Drinking Service Set, Monarchy Design, you will find one of the best samples of Mina-kari. The colors used in the enamel are twofold: the plant colors used in the emblem and the colors of the metal.

This will provide you a wide selection of usable house dishes for you to choose from to bring ancient art to your daily life! Or a permanent gift for your friends!

Minakari Drinking Service Set, Monarchy Design is a handcraft that will stay for generations in your family with Mina-kari on cooper with high quality. It is one of the most favorite handicrafts in our website.

This beautiful set of Drinking Service Set is the work of Isfahan artists and would be a perfect gift for friends or a special decor for your home. Try Minakari Drinking Service Set, Monarchy Design and get the eye catching art! This set includes 6 cups and a drinking container.

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