Driftwood Statue, The Kind Crocodile


Driftwood Statue, The Kind Crocodile is a modern style inspired with a minimalist design. It is a modern decor statue made from driftwood. It is made of wood, but no tree has been cut down for that. Combining the pure force of nature and creativity, this work is also environmentally friendly because it cleans nature from the stray woods in it. No saws or sandpaper were used to make this work, and the natural state of the wood has been preserved. Painted with acrylic paint and there is only one example of this sculpture in the world and it can not be repeated.

Can you imagine each of the pieces of this work lived in the depths of the seas or oceans for how many days? Now they are here together and have a new family, and they have started a new life in a new world. Now they are waiting to go to the house of someone who love, so they can make him happy. If you love original, unique and single artwork and you are also an environmentalist, you can have this handmade work and enjoy seeing and touching these old woods and its energy.

Driftwood Statue, The Kind Crocodile is an original item made by Ms. Taraneh Moradi who is a Persian artist.  Try something unique from eastern modern art as a gift to person you care or love! Unforgettable gift for every one! We have just one available.

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