Papier Mache (Papier-mache) Statue, Seed of peace


Papier Mache (Papier-mache) Statue, Seed of peace is a modern style inspired with a minimalist design. The artist used drift wood for the base of the statue and walnut wood. This lady plants the seeds of peace in the earth. The lady presents the seed in her hands to all the people to reproduce it and spread it on the ground.

It is a modern decor statue made from papier mache. In this technique pieces  of paper and cardboard are put on the mold either mashed or in layers and sometimes combined with other fabrics. Painted with acrylic paint and there is only one example of this sculpture in the world and it can not be repeated.

The different materials are put together by a binder agent (water and starch)and usually get stamped on metal or wooden molds to give them a shape. When the  “Papier-mache” has dried it will be separated from the mold. Afterwards, the products can be painted and decorated in many different ways. As the last step, it will be covered with a layer of special varnish to preserve the color.

Papier Mache (Papier-mache) Statue, Seed of peace is an original item made by Ms. Taraneh Moradi who is a Persian artist.  Try something unique from eastern modern art as a gift to person you care or love! Unforgettable gift for every one! We have just one available.

If you love original, unique and single artwork and you are also an environmentalist, you can have this handmade work and enjoy seeing and its energy. It is an original item and you can not find any copy of this item in any other galleries.

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