Kamancheh, Bowed Musical Instrument


Kamancheh, Bowed Musical Instrument is one of the most famous traditional Iranian instruments. Its pleasant sound has attracted a large audience. Kamancheh, Bowed Musical Instrument, which has a long history, has spread to other countries besides Iran.

This item will be an eastern instrument in your house or a permanent gift for your friends! Try one of the most famous traditional Iranian instruments from the land of Persia as a gift to person you care or love! Unforgettable gift for every one!

The bowl maker is made of mulberry wood and as you know, this type of wood is the best and most common choice for making the body of traditional instruments. Mulberry wood vibrates well due to its cohesive texture. In addition, mulberry wood has a good resistance to weather conditions and has a long shelf life.

Base and wire holder: This part is made of brass metal and has given a special beauty to the instrument. In addition the stitching screws will hold the stitch well.


  • Persian High Quality Kamancheh
  • Bowl Wood: Mulberry, Pegs Walnut, Neck: Walnut
  • It comes with Bow, Rosin, soft case

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