Persian Marquetry Khatam Kari Flower Pot, Diamond Design


Persian Marquetry Khatam Kari Flower Pot, Diamond Design is one of the well sell crafts in our website. A useful accessory in house or workplace.

This will provide you a wide selection of usable house dishes for you to choose from to bring ancient art to your daily life! Or a permanent gift for your friends! You may have a combination with other items in diamond design, such as candy dish and tissue box.

This art is part of Iran’s artistic heritage. The remains of human civilization and crafts represent the culture and civilization of the last generations of each land. It will stay in the house for your children and your children of children. You may have these arts in your daily life to absorb the energy of the arts in your house or your gifts. Decorate your table with an ancient handcraft art!

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